IMHU-Bradan Beech

… IMHU introduces a wide range of options, some traditional and some very innovative, and does this skillfully, not omitting the healing power of humor!

Bradan Beech, NM
IMHU-Jeffrey Rediger, MD, M.Div.

Dr. Bragdon is on the leading edge of issues that must be addressed if we are going to realize a transformation in the ways in which health care is currently conceptualized and delivered.

Jeffrey Rediger, MD, M.Div.
IMHU-Ted Esser, PhD

I enthusiastically recommend attending Dr. Bragdon’s workshop, “Effective Support for Someone in Spiritual Emergency”. Her many years as a psychotherapist, healer, scholar and presenter shine through as she presents her life’s work, creating many rewarding opportunities for expansive professional and personal enrichment.

Ted Esser, PhD
IMHU-Darius Soon

Of greatest value for me in the Brazil trip was the chance to see existing Spiritist models of healing in action in Brazil.

Darius Soon, Singapore
IMHU-Terry Monnell

The straightforward approach to delivering challenging concepts balanced by supporting an Optimal Wellness potential, the whole person paradigm, is so key to redefining the normal that has been standardized…people want to know where they’re going and what that looks like.

Terry Monnell, SC