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Co-Director: Eric Gladen

Trace Amounts Trailer: This New Film  Sheds Light on the Cause of the Autism Pandemic and Offers Cures


Robert Kennedy Jr., the bold man who has helped clean up our rivers from mercury toxicity due to factory waste products is behind this extraordinary film.  He’s intimately aware of the dangers of mercury and is a man of the people. During his quest to clean up the environment, he met a woman who inspired him to look at the neurological damage in humans due to mercury toxicity. Kennedy’s now a passionate spokesperson for the need to avoid any way we inhale, ingest, or allow mercury into our bodies.

Trace Amounts, Director

The Director of this film, Eric Gladen (above), has his own scary, agonizing tale to tell of mercury poisoning. This story punctuates the wider mystery and has a happy end, but the process of getting through the darkness of his questioning and physical disability to the light of truth and health led him to consult top scientists and researchers all over the USA.

The result: a very intelligent, and human full-length documentary that connects the dots. Watch it and you’ll understand more of the cause of the pandemic of autism. Even better, you’ll learn about therapies that work to remove all symptoms, and the people who supervise these therapies. Sandwiched in between these epiphanies is the sticky mess of politics, corruption and greed that led to the situation we’re in now in which one in 68 kids is now diagnosed with autism.

“No”, Gladen asserts, “we don’t have to give up life-saving vaccinations; we just have to choose ways to get them without any additives that contain mercury.”  It’s not that hard; there are alternatives to mercury that will do the job and not be toxic.

Go to to learn more. You can rent for immediate download or buy the film. I found it riveting.

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