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  1. Thank you, Emma! I was searching for guidance, and here you are. I am a Subud sister in Santa Cruz, and saw you several times in Abadiania…I am a friend of Catherine’s. For 10 years, I have facilitated a “Casa Meditation” here here in SC, and it is lovely. Our group welcomes the entities, and I have always seen a separation from John of God, though some members of the group deify him. I love the Spiritist materials, and have appreciated your work regarding spiritual emergence. I am so glad that I looked at your website…and thrilled to have your words to share.
    Thank you, Emma.
    Frieda Krieger
    [email protected]

  2. Teresa says:

    I believe the me too is an important movement that can open up discussions about sexual abuse – boundaries internal and external – the way sexual abuse is passed on from generational sexual abuse. It can explore how many fathers as well as mothers abuse their small children that later become the abused or abusers themselves. Blaming churches people of power almost never looking at the instinctual part of women is not acknowledging how both female and male are placed for sexual abuse to arise
    Many many people were helped by John and many many people helped themselves financially through John. It’s the normal dilemma of greed. Parasitical behaviour – so many guides so many posadas – all gaining personal gain.
    Is it possible that this one human man was pushed to his limit by others who wanted what had started as a incredible gift. Illiterate uneducated easily manipulated. Sexual drive goes hand in hand with power – men are wired differently women need to respect that. I am sure he did not push them into s private room. It’s like the alcoholic who keeps drinking and blames others for his transgressions.
    How is he going to clean up his act – at 76 years of age. What must he do ? He will now spend the rest of his life in jail. What a sad and a useless way to end a life. I sincerely hope that he can leave this planet and go to a place where sex is not the issue as Jesus Christ mentioned and he can be rewarded for at least the good that he has done and can work through his issues in a non judgemental way on a different plane
    Some of the mediums that I met were Spiritist – I was introduced to Spiritism there in the infirmary. I bought my first books of Allan Kardec there. There were baptisms into the Spiritist doctrine every week. There were books on Spiritism in his bookshop- Spiritism teaches the doctrine of Christ .

  3. Teresa says:

    We cannot reach the level of spiritual growth that we are seeking by blaming sick people for how they behave

    I have had to look to the history of my own family

    For instance my dear mum – from my new understanding her boundaries were fractured – she was the abandoned illegitimate daughter of a well known man. She taught morals but behaved in a different way. Blaming and shaming me for sexual transgressions that could have left me scarred for life. A personal spiritual emergency at 15 yo and a spiritual emergence at 33 yo allowed me to blamelesly overcome these traumatic difficulties my mother continued to carry the guilt of her abortion projecting her despair on to me.
    My father – I did not know him as he died when I was very young – from the photographs I saw he was a handsome man Erol Flynn type man – women loved him – their boundaries around him were loose a behaviour pattern of women not men . Another good example is Rudolf Valentino – women committed suicide so smitten were they with his magical charm. John was no Rudolf Valentino but he had power and that in itself changes the dynamics between women and himself – perhaps he was unable as a human being to resist. Putting human beings before God has never worked for any of us
    My prayer is that we turn to Jesus Christ in my case or who ever else you believe in and pray. If all the thousands of people who now condem him – started to pray for him – I feel sure that we would get closer to solving an ageless problem that starts in the family constellation and puts a stop to the sexual abuse of innocent children and violent sexual acts towards women.

  4. Mike says:

    I have been to the Casa with healing myself. I’m saddened by the accusations and also reflect on the Casa, the people, the love and pure dedication of that place. I only know that the answer lies in love and compassion for all of us villains, victim’s, and heroes. We are all just children of God and I know for John of God he will have his own conscious to deal with whatever that may be for the rest of his life.

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