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  1. Ron Jakelis says:

    We met years ago in Abadiania. So many people have been deeply hurt by the criminal actions of John. At the same time, many have been helped.
    Thank you for exposing what had been suspected by many for a number of years. He is where he belongs.

  2. Alan Bolotin says:

    Human beings who are gifted have a responsibility that many can’t accept.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Spiritual gifts do not necessarily happen to emotionally and psychologically advanced people. Sometimes — probably often — they show up in average or even psychologically arrested individuals. Sometimes they create or exacerbate psychological arrest, as we see in narcissism that characterizes so many gurus (or “gurus”) who have no qualms (read: have no conscience) taking advantage — sexually, financially, emotionally — of their followers.

    Research shows that power and money turn us into psychopaths. Although I don’t believe spiritual power was assessed in the relevant studies, it’s likely no different when spiritual gifts (and power) are combined with money and fame. Perhaps with spiritual gifts, the temptation and opportunity to abuse others is even greater than in other domains, as there are no regulations and oversight, and the aura of mystery, specialness and reverence is a given. Like in the Catholic Church, for instance.

    Sadly, then, it is quite understandable how one can be a healer (or “healer”) and abuser — and we see this way too often. To paraphrase Orwell from his essay on Gandhi, all gurus / healers — especially male ones — should be considered guilty before proven innocent.

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