1. Hello. My name is Sheila and i just spent the last 35 or 40 minutes writing about my story and then it disappeared. so i reckon there is a limit to my writing so ima keep it short and simple.
    i believe i meet the requirements for your study. as do my aunt ann and my daughter Amanda. we have all experienced seeing things that could not possibly be there. Ann & I saw a hand disappear under the bed but when we looked under the bed was empty. amanda saw a hand too only this one retrieved a crooked knife laying on the floor before dragging it back into the shadows.
    I had a vision when i was younger. actually had it multiple times. hard to discribe but my preferial vision would go black untill i was nothing but in total darkness and my thoughts started spinning wildly out of control every way you can imagine so fast and so hard i felt as if i was motionless. much like the spinning atom. so fast and wild it looks motionless.
    then i would be standing in a desert, books on my head and one hair inbetween my thumb & forefinger on my left hand as this thing would come at me so fast and so loud, but before it struck me it would swerve away and disappear in the horizon. over and over and over and over…..I had those many times. and i would come out in a diffrent place then where i went in. I never knew what to make of it. thats why i am so glad i get to tell you. maybe you could help me figuar out what it all means.
    I never felt real. I always felt like i was some place else but here and not able to return to myself. I hear people sometime whispering wondering when i was going to wake up and stop all this charade. snap out of this fantasy. and come back to the real reality. those voices want me to hurt myself, because that is the only way this will all end. once i am dead, this whole illusion will cease to exist and we will be back to the truth, the start, the beginning and we can do it all again, only diffreent.
    there it is. i left out much detail. but you get the picture. what i would really like to know is…..are we really just the same? I mean am I really just another aspect of you? are you me? Did God really only make one soul???/ and is that one soul us? I mean we all breath the same breath He put into Adam. its the same breath. so why make billions upon trillion of souls when one call be all? just think on judgement day only one soul has to be judged! Just saying…..

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