1. Yes, it is time to introduce the issue of spirits/entities that attach, influence, irritate or more rarely possess people. Widely recognised by almost all traditions and faiths, much credible and quality information can be drawn from shamanic and spiritist traditions and also from healers in the West who focus on Spirit Release. One of the biggest areas of confusion is how and why this happens. Understanding the mechanism of how spirits can influence us and the many steps we can take to prevent this from happening are also important areas to priorities. Many individuals who have been influenced by spirits are anxious, fearful or worried and reluctant if not despairing to step forward for help. An introduction to this topic by a credible and well respected organisation such as the IMHU would help many. More modern, compassionate and empathetic approaches to spirit release can also be introduced, from spiritism in Latin American to hypnotherapy or to working with guides and spiritual helpers.

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