1. Chalen says:

    On my journey in this lifetime I have been privileged to have extraordinary experiences and received guidance from a golden face.
    It was only after I went into recovery from alcohol that these things began to happen.
    I’m not sure how much to write here but would love to share.
    I’m an indigenous woman experiencing God without a religion. Even though I am cultural and an elder in my community, these experiences have transcended beyond this body and have caused me to weep as the realization that all there is is divine spirit or God.
    My brother manifested before me and brought me a message that changed my life.
    On a mountain in Norway in a desperate situation a golden face appeared as I was desperately praying for help said to me that everyone and everywhere I looked I see the face of God. I was in a state of rapture for 2 days. Much more but don’t want to take your time.thank you..all my spiritual name is Morningstar Woman

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