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Adelaide, South Australia

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Barbara Simpson

Certified Coach, & Hypnotherapy 1:1


Hello, I have had many spiritual emergence experiences throughout my life and now assist people one to one with care, support and holding space.  I know from my own experiences it can feel like you are alone when you are experiencing things you can’t explain or understand.

I have been working as an energy specialist since 2005. I have a small private practice providing hypnotherapy and other energy modalities to individuals who are struggling with common life issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-worth, relationships and relational trauma, substance use disorders, chronic pain, illness, grief and loss.

I’m also a published Author:The Empowerment Manual & Spiritual Leaders

Language Spoken:


Academic Qualifications

  • Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with a registered specialty in Holistic Hypnosis at the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • Member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • Registered with the American Board of Hypnotherapists
  • Heal Your Life® Licensed & Certified Transformational Workshop Teacher
  • Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
  • Pellowah Practitioner & Teacher/trainer
  • Member of the Institute of Complementary Therapists
  • Certified Coach
  • (I have other qualifications but not to do with this particular work)

Other Relevant Training

  • Certified Auset Temple Healer, Alchemist & Oracle of Auset Reader
  • Certified & Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Speciality in Holistic Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Best Practices of Dave Elman Hypnosis
  • Certificate in Inner Child Healing Studies
  • Certificate in Energetic Healing
  • Angel Miracles Psychic Medium

Offering 1-1 support

Specialities: Holistic hypnotherapy (including past life regression), inner child work, spirit releasement, soul healing, pre/post surgery treatment, psychic surgery, energy balance, spirituality, self esteem, and chronic pain.

I provide sessions using different energy modalities and hypnotherapy depending on what is needed at the time and teach workshops on shifting your consciousness in a safe way.
Please refer to my website for how I can assist you further.

Offering support groups

  • At this stage, no.



“Please contact me via my email if you'd like to connect for a complimentary 15-20-minute phone consultation, to see if we're the right fit!”

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