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Lausanne, Vaud

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Céline Guérin, PhD

Neuroscientist, Trainer at ISPS


I am a French trauma-therapist and neuroscientist (PhD) based in Lausanne, Switzerland. I currently work online with adults and teenagers. I also provide in-person consultation in Sophia Health Center in Lausanne.

When I was working in a psychiatric Institute in 2009, I supported adolescents and adults in managing psychiatric disorders in everyday life challenges and realized the impact of trauma in mental health impairments and how love and care are essentials in their recovery journey. In parallel, I started to practice meditation, shamanism and energetic healing. As an open-minded scientist, I was curious about the invisible reality I was able to experience. I was just at the beginning of discovering how energy and consciousness can impact the physical reality. I had to break totally the foundation of my view of the world and the way I was (thinking I was) understanding the reality. I had a few disturbing mediumistic and kundalini experiences but I was fortunate to be strongly grounded and to meet awesome guides, teachers and healers on my spiritual path.

Since 2008, I learned a lot and was initiated in many spiritual practices from kriya yoga to shamanism and energetic healing, then finally discovered Peak States trauma healing in 2015. It was exactly the missing point in my understanding of relationship between mind and body, more specifically between biology (epigenetics), psychology and spirituality.  (See “Other Relevant Training” below)

Since then, I’ve supported hundreds of people via coaching and therapy to resolve life issues, treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, burnout, relationships and self-esteem issues. I did work in psychiatry but also have a strong background in alternative healing practices, meditation, shamanism and modified states of consciousness. I can help you with emotional release, stress management, self-esteem issues, women’s issues, PTSD and spiritual emergence.  I also help  to develop human potentials and to acquire Peak States of Consciousness such as Silent Mind, Inner Peace, Love and Kindness, Beauty way, Optimal life path…

Executive managers come to me to be able to deliver services more efficiently. I support young adults in preparing for  exams to manage stress and express their full potentials. I help artists to liberate their creative potential and make a living at their art. I support hypersensitive people to cope with hypersensitivity, developing strong self-confidence and adaptability. I also help people to cope with spiritual issues on their awakening path.

I am also recognized for conducting personal development workshops for groups, for “stress and emotion management” – “burnout prevention” – “releasing anger” – “coping with grief” – “healthy relationships” – “fulfilling life” – “authentic communication” – “subconscious personalities” – “foundational course of trauma-healing” – “spiritual emergence and emergency”

Language Spoken:

French (native) and English (fluent)

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in Neurosciences, 2008
  • Lemanic Doctoral School, UNIL-UNIGE, Switzerland

Other Relevant Training

  • Certified “Trauma therapists Trainer”, 2022, Institute for the Study of Peak States (ISPS)
  • Certified “Spiritual Emergency Trainer for therapists”, 2020, ISPS
  • Certified “Peak States® Therapist”, 2019, ISPS

Offering 1-1 support

  • Offer 1-1 trauma-therapy in-person in Switzerland and online.

Offering support groups

  • In-person in Lausanne and online


By donation for the support group.

Support group plan...

  • Next online support group will start in May and in October 2023 and last for 6 sessions, once every week, the exact dates and time will be decided with the participants.

“Please contact me via my email if you'd like to connect for a complimentary 15-20-minute phone consultation, to see if we're the right fit!”

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