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Tracy King, PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist


I have 24 years of experience working therapeutically, first as a Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and then as a Clinical Psychologist. My own spiritual awakening has been a gradual process of awareness, as I was privileged enough to be supported by my grandmother in the development of psychic intuition. Sensing energy and the importance of nature and gratitude were instilled in me from the start of my time on earth. There was acceptance. There has been ‘dark night of the soul’ experiences that have contributed to some overwhelming evolutions in my consciousness but overall, at a personal level, crisis has been averted. I have also had some peak moments of lone travelling to Peru and Tanzania, that have expanded my awareness.

My life immersed me in therapeutic and medical circles, and I have felt my purpose has been to normalise what I experienced as a child to the institutions (health and legal system) that I work within. I have now expanded my more scientifically based psychological practice to also encompass a holistic practice where I help others develop their spiritual gifts and engage in energy healing.

I work with the strengths and creative awareness that is seen in neurodevelopmental conditions known medically, as Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD and this makes a lot of sense to me in terms of the high sensitivities and sensory awareness that this brings. My three daughters also present with what is seen in wider society as neuro-diverse ways of being. Yet, if we track these presentations back, we see that many skills that accompany them, enable survival and intense resilience. I believe, it is this heightened awareness, that can contribute to the positive evolution of our planet.

I specialise in trauma, past-life work and helping people to make sense of spiritual awakenings through mentoring and coaching practice. In my hospital work with those who are labelled with ‘psychosis’ (my father having been one), I have seen how some who connect with spiritual meaning for their voice hearing experiences, can feel more stabilised internally and able to connect to the world around them. I have also worked with spiritual emergence following severe and enduring trauma, such as satanic and ritualistic abuse, human trafficking, and cult-based experiences. Many clients I have seen present with a what is known as Dissociative Identity Disorder with some aspects of self being more connected to perceptions of other dimensions. Dimensions that have permitted a survival of the trauma they have been exposed to.

I have worked with clients with substance use addiction concerns used to self-medicate spiritual emergence that makes little sense to them. I also address issues of integration following spontaneous or psychedelic/plant medicine experiences. Having seen clients who have been seeking some ‘fast track’ answers to their spiritual integration and have travelled to commercial tourist retreats where substances are utilised without adequate professional support for what this triggers to allow effective integration of the material, they been flooded with. It is like a tsunami of realisation but then the ocean recedes once more with no trace of the purpose of it’s presence – there is little development or processing here. My role is to then unpack the impact of this and help the person to build a narrative of meaning of their experiences. Sometimes, this is talking therapy or coaching and other times I may use other trauma processing modalities of treatment.

I have also seen many clients involved in road traffic accidents with either near death experiences or complete and sudden life changes due to brain injury or other physical injuries. This often not only triggers a spiritual awakening when we face our own mortality of soul departure, but I feel can trigger compensatory access points in the brain to allow people to suddenly find gifts and skills that lay dormant when the rest of the cortex was functioning.

Within my spiritual practice and as a Yoga Teacher, I have worked with people who have struggled to integrate the experience of Kundalini energy moving too fast for them. Often, they have not been familiar with what this is and have been terrified about what is happening within their bodies. I work specifically to harness Kundalini energy in my own yogic and tantric practices and workshops and retreats that I facilitate with this focus.

For many years, I have had an interest and studied multiple spiritual practices and paranormal aspects of life. The breadth of my interest and passion in these areas mapping on to that ADHD term. My hyperfocus in life is finding ways to explore the unknown and to normalise what is seen as ‘abnormal’ but to me can represent a superpower. I like to think of my role as a co-author to a client’s reality where they maintain the final editing rights. When we have stuck trauma in our system our narratives fragment like a jigsaw puzzle and we have to piece back the image, starting from the definite corners we can see, enabling an overall story to emerge. Spiritual emergence can often be a case of the individual having no idea how to even find those corners and another set of eyes is required. With my dual hats, of science and spirit, I bring together conscious and unconscious processes with a meeting of both hemispheres of brain functioning to see the person as a whole. I am also able to therapeutically treat any mental health concerns that have emerged as a consequence of confusion regarding spiritual awakening although often find these retreat once meaning is found.

Like my own journey, you don’t have to be in crisis to benefit from some coaching around your spiritual path. If we consider, at a literal level, what is within the word ‘Crisis’ we have the phonetics of the word ‘cry’ suggesting distress but we also have the word or name ‘Isis’ a goddess deity purported to connect with fertility, new growth and creativity. For those two to meet in the middle we have the ‘I’. You are at the centre of your own experiences, not what others think or what you are told you ‘should’ be experiencing, shedding the conditioning of the world is the key to your own self development and growth that leads you to your soul-based gifts that give you purpose. We have needed that ‘I’ or that ego to survive life up thus far, so we must also remember to give gratitude to the prior iterations of self, that have shaken you to awaken.

So, if there is anything that you are experiencing that feels overwhelming or you just wonder what it may mean, wonder if it’s spiritual, if anyone else experiences this, or you are scared this really is you ‘losing the plot,’ whatever that may look like. Feel free to set up a call with me for a free contemplation discussion to see if we are guided to work together and develop a plot twist that makes sense to you.

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Academic Qualifications

  • Clinical Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy), University of Surrey, UK.

Other Relevant Training

  • BSC (Hons) Psychology, MSC Forensic Psychology, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jungian Life Coach, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500), Kundalini Yoga Teacher (500 hours) Spiritual Coach, Yoga Coach, Shamanic Coach, Spiritual Emergence Coach ® , Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Teacher, Tantric Practitioner, Ayurvedic Specialist, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Writer.
  • Registered with: The Health Care Professions Council (HCPC), The British Psychological Society (BPS), Yoga Alliance, Global Directory of Tantric Practitioners, Angelic Reiki International.

Offering 1-1 support

I am qualified and experienced to offer 1-1 therapeutic or coaching based sessions depending upon the needs identified in our initial meeting. I do this in person in Kent, UK (Ashford and Sevenoaks) or online.

Offering support groups

Yes.  See Support Group Schedule.


My fees are set at an hourly rate. I have a number of clients that I take on at any given time on a sliding scale. So please feel free to ask and we can negotiate the situation in terms of timing and frequency of sessions and also payment plan options.

Support group plan...

Closed Support Group 12 weeks: Starting July 11th
Duration 1.5 hours weekly
Email for further information and to sign up

Monthly drop in support sessions: Starting July 24
Duration 1 hour
Email for further information and to sign up

“Please contact me via my email if you'd like to connect for a complimentary 15-20-minute phone consultation, to see if we're the right fit!”

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