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Jessica Nathanson

Peer Support


Offering support for those recovering from self-negating non-dual teachings(sometimes referred to as neo-advaita)…

My personal spiritual emergency 5 years ago was a result of being negatively impacted by ego dissolution after several years of being deeply immersed in contemporary “no-self” spiritual teachings that undermine the existence of the individual, the “ego,” which are seen as in the way of liberation from suffering. I know full well how alluring these teachings (some refer to them as contemporary non-duality or “neo-advaita) are when we’re seeking relief from deep suffering, and their double-edged sword nature, as I experienced powerful awakenings and episodes of profound freedom, yet after a honeymoon period, new forms of suffering arose, including the tragic erosion of my enthusiasm for human life. I deeply understand the profound ways that people can be harmed by self/world-denying spiritual beliefs, practices and experiences, along with the culture and communities that surround them, and I feel passionately about supporting those whose hearts, minds and souls were injured by them.

From years of investigation I’ve discovered that the most commonly shared negative side effects people experience include alienation, de-personalization/de-realization, disassociation, shame, lost motivation and sense of agency, as well as damaged capacity for meaningful social interaction and fully functioning within families, work, relationships and even suicide. To read a full list, along with peoples’ personal stories, click here!

Knowing the immense difficulty in moving away and recovering from I facilitate support groups in which people get to share their experiences and give and receive feedback to others recovering from any/all of the above. I describe our groups as collective soul revivals, as we support one another in restoring our enthusiasm for human life, re-reclaiming our personhood and re-inhabiting our bodies, emotions, perspectives, re-discovering our authentic personalities, and ultimately healing from self-abandonment as we come to befriend our bittersweet humanity with self-compassion. My goal is to provide a communal space infused with inter-personal warmth, a place where it’s safe to share your inner experiences free from the judgment, shame and gas-lighting that is so common in self-negating spiritual circles where individuals’ thoughts, feelings and first-hand experience are routinely dismissed and invalidated. We practice giving and receiving empathic attunement, sharing an intimate sanctuary where all feelings, desires and vulnerabilities are not only welcomed but celebrated, and held as sacred! In the relationships and compassionate space we co-create, we grant one another, and eventually ourselves, the permission and freedom to be, become, and express ourselves as fully human and fully divine.

If you are interested in joining, please send me an email at letting me know what inspires you to participate, and we’ll then schedule a brief zoom call to answer any questions and make sure it feels like the right fit!

I’m looking forward to supporting you!

“Who knew that returning to embracing the magic of this crazy, beautiful and messy extraordinary ordinary human life was what my heart and soul was actually longing for!” – A quote from a support group participant who gave permission to share 🙂

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Academic Qualifications

  • BA in Psychology from University of Vermont

Other Relevant Training

  • Positive Psychology Practitioner Certification from School of Positive Transformation

Offering 1-1 support

  • Not currently offering 1:1 support

Offering support groups

  • Facilitating peer support groups for people recovering from the ways they have been negatively impacted by contemporary non-dual teachings on no-self/ego dissolution.


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Support group plan...

  • Groups are scheduled on a rolling basis to accommodate the time zones of interested participants. Please email to find out when the next group will be starting!
  •  1.5 hours each session
  •  Held online on zoom

“Please contact me via my email if you'd like to connect for a complimentary 15-20-minute phone consultation, to see if we're the right fit!”

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