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Susanne Sacco, LISW

Licensed Social Worker


I’ve been drawn to learning about the paranormal and spiritual world since childhood.  As I grew through childhood and progressed in my life to this point, I have been blessed with encounters that have deepened my faith that there is so much more than we see and know on a daily basis.  I’m aware that there are many spiritual experiences individuals may have that are exciting and beautiful, but that also, there may be some experiences that are confusing, dark, overwhelming, and/or mixed with symptoms signifying issues identified as mental health issues (depression, anxiety, panic, psychosis).  Sometimes individuals that have these experiences are misunderstood or do not even have an avenue to safely share their experiences.    I would like to join my fellow coaches trained at IMHU to be one of those safe individuals that can hear you.  I believe no one can judge or dismiss another’s experience.  I am here to listen and hold space for whatever your experience and journey may be.

As an Early Childhood Specialist, both in education and mental health, I am confident and comfortable exploring spiritual experiences with children of any age.  These little ones have that connection that allows them to experience the spiritual realm.  I love the thought of encouraging this as opposed to halting this connection by dismissing or not arranging space for them to talk about what they may be feeling, hearing, sensing, or seeing.  Allowing these little ones to grow up with a sense of confidence in these experiences is such an asset to our awakening as a species.

Language Spoken:


Academic Qualifications

  • BGSU: B.A.E. with Special Education certification K-21 years
  • Cleveland State University:  MEd., Early Intervention Specialist
  • Cleveland State University: MSW
  • Ohio State Board of Marriage and Family Therapists:  LISW
  • Permanent Teaching Certificate with state of Ohio

Other Relevant Training

Other Relevant Training:

  • Trauma certified
  • Certified Meditation Coach and Facilitator
  • Level 1 Hypnotist: NESCH

In Progress:

  • Brain training and Neurofeedback Coach
  • Reiki Training
  • Certified Shamanic Life Coach

Offering 1-1 support

Offering 1 to 1 support

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