1. Angela Bardon says:

    Well written Emma. I think where most people get stuck and this is just my opinion but I observe it all the time not only in myself but in other people. If we get trapped in psychic readings, sensual magic and other spiritual phenomena it is often human power and other ego allurements (shadow aspects of ourselves) that we unknowingly are seearching for rather then the divine source, inner peace, wisdom and serenity. All of the components of the path that you mention are essential for success, however the journey up the mountain is a long journey. I can honestly say that I have not meet anyone who has reached the peak and stayed there, because the nature of humanity often leads one to slide back down either part way or all the way to learn more, there is always more to learn and to find even higher mountains to climb greater challenges to face. It is much easier to walk the path as a single person, when we throw some kids and pets in the mix, the journey up the mountain becomes a lot more challenging.
    I have just read some really interesting information on perimenopause and menopause written by Susan Weed which claims that perimenopause and menopause are the time of spiritual enlightenment for women. This means that the spiritual path for men and women are different. Spiritual initiations for men and women are different if we study tribal traditions we know that childbirth is the women’s initiation. We are predominantly taught the masculine spiritual path in Western Society with very little knowledge of the feminine path taught and I think that the womens spiritual path needs to be taught in Western Society.

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