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The Vaccine Safety Manual

Finally, a book to relieve the confusion in the debate for and against vaccines with simple reliable information.  It defuses the emotionalism and lack of science seen elsewhere! It’s a good thing we have this resource, as the controversy rages

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ADHD Medications

Alarming news: one in five boys in the USA will be diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by the time he goes to high school (not quite as many girls). Ten thousand toddlers, age 2-3, are now being

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Say No to Kids and Pharmaceutical Drugs?!

A new article by Peter Breggin, MD  in the journal Children & Society, outlines The Rights of Children and Parents In Regard to Children Receiving Psychiatric Diagnoses and Drugs: ”. . . This article addresses the scientific and moral question of whether

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Funny Video: Mindfulness for Kids

Got kids?  Do you want to help them be more focused?  Mindfulness Meditation will be taught on Sesame Street this coming Fall, 2013, starting September 16th!  Well, I don’t know about the real close your eyes and be quiet kind of meditation…but

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The Newest DSM*: Deliberately Seeking Mental Health, (a satire)

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