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We provide excellent information about the full range of effective means for optimizing mental health—with no ties to lobbies or special interests. Our faculty and guests are health providers who believe that the integrative approach to mental health is the most effective.

Our courses introduce those who are transforming psychiatry by introducing effective alternatives to psych meds. Our blog and articles cover mental health issues and resources.  Our aim is to empower those seeking viable alternatives to meds for depression, anxiety, bipolar symptoms, psychosis, ADHD and other forms of so-called ‘mental illness’.  We believe mental health education is an essential first step to making informed choices.

Recent Blog Posts

  • The Vaccine Safety Manual

    The Vaccine Safety Manual

    Finally, a book to relieve the confusion in the debate for and against vaccines with simple reliable information.  It defuses the emotionalism and lack of science seen elsewhere! It’s a… Read More »
  • Autism, the CDC, and the MMR Vaccine Alert

    Autism, the CDC, and the MMR Vaccine Alert

    Some big news about the link between Autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine came out this month (August, 2014). A senior scientist at the CDC, William W. Thompson,… Read More »
  • Breakfast Cereal !?

    Breakfast Cereal !?

    That old standby just may be different than what you thought! Aaaargh! After being exposed to very high temperatures and very high pressure, the grains that go into almost all… Read More »
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