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We provide excellent information about the full range of effective means for optimizing mental health—with no ties to lobbies or special interests. Our faculty and guests are health providers who believe that the integrative approach to mental health is the most effective.

Our courses introduce those who are transforming psychiatry by introducing effective alternatives to psych meds. Our blog and articles cover mental health issues and resources.  Our aim is to empower those seeking viable alternatives to meds for depression, anxiety, bipolar symptoms, psychosis, ADHD and other forms of so-called ‘mental illness’.  We believe mental health education is an essential first step to making informed choices.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Bipolar Disorder & Alternatives to Meds

    Bipolar Disorder & Alternatives to Meds

    One in five people who have bipolar disorder commit suicide. It can be a crippling illness characterized by unpredictable, extreme mood swings including profound depression and manic behaviors.   Fortunately,… Read More »
  • Air Pollution May Cause Severe Mental Health Issues

    Air Pollution May Cause Severe Mental Health Issues

    It may be time for a new answer to “What is Autism?” New research from the University of Rochester Medical Center describes how exposure to air pollution early in life… Read More »
  • ADHD Medications

    ADHD Medications

    Alarming news: one in five boys in the USA will be diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by the time he goes to high school (not quite as… Read More »
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