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Mental health education is an essential first step to making informed choices. Our aim:  empower those seeking effective alternatives to meds for conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychosis, ADHD and autism. We give:

  • Compelling, current info about the full range of effective options to optimize mental health
  • Courses with talks by professionals transforming psychiatry
  • Articles and a blog that cover mental health issues and new resources. 

We have no ties to lobbies or special interests.

Recent Blog Posts

  • How Meditation Helps Your Game

    How Meditation Helps Your Game

    Fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly more acceptable for a medical doctor or psychiatrist to teach about spirituality while he or she is active in private practice.  Russell Razzaque, a psychiatrist based in …Read More »
  • Human Flourishing

    Human Flourishing

    After 21 years of private practice, Dr. Elliot Dacher, a family practice MD, began an in-depth study of the principles and practices of consciousness and health.  He pursued his study …Read More »
  • Trading Truth-telling for Shame

    Trading Truth-telling for Shame

    Gayathri Ramprasad has just published a memoir, Shadows in the Sun, which uncovers her intimate story of growing up in India when it was shameful to admit mental disturbances of …Read More »
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