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Gut, Mood & Mental Health

Beneficial bacteria may serve the same role as antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. In one study,  people who took a multi-strain probiotic for at least four weeks reported a lessening of rumination—recurring, persistent thoughts about something distressing that has or may

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Breakfast Cereal !?

That old standby just may be different than what you thought! Aaaargh! After being exposed to very high temperatures and very high pressure, the grains that go into almost all of the major brands you see on the supermarket store

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Bipolar Disorder & Alternatives to Meds

One in five people who have bipolar disorder commit suicide. It can be a crippling illness characterized by unpredictable, extreme mood swings including profound depression and manic behaviors.   Fortunately, there is research that points to the effectiveness of some

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ADHD Medications

Alarming news: one in five boys in the USA will be diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by the time he goes to high school (not quite as many girls). Ten thousand toddlers, age 2-3, are now being

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Better Mental Health Care Treatment Needed

CBC News from Toronto, Canada reported in November 2012 that drugs given for mental illness are not as effective as we had assumed.  CBC reported that even though there is greater awareness that one in five people are now suffering

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