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Trace Amounts

Co-Director: Eric Gladen This new film sheds light on the causes of autism.  Although it is not anti-vaccine; it does suggest we quickly replace the preservative thimerosal with a non-toxic substance as a preservative.  The film is a fast paced

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The Vaccine Safety Manual

Finally, a book to relieve the confusion in the debate for and against vaccines with simple reliable information.  It defuses the emotionalism and lack of science seen elsewhere! It’s a good thing we have this resource, as the controversy rages

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Autism, the CDC, and the MMR Vaccine Alert

Some big news about the link between Autism and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine came out this month (August, 2014). A senior scientist at the CDC, William W. Thompson, PhD, has blown the whistle about faulty research reporting he

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Film Review: The Greater Good

The Greater Good, a feature length professional film, winner of 12 film awards, takes a balanced view of the USA’s vaccination program.  It is not overly emotional against-vaccines or pro-vaccines.  It is right in the middle: asking for adequate scientific

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Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

  This is a powerful 5 minute video showing the difficulties consumers face regarding vaccinations.  Although some vaccinations have clearly helped save lives, it appears that others are contributing to disabilities, like Autism.  Who should be held accountable for these

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