1. Robin Canini says:

    I am a person with lived experience. I have written 2 poems recently the last talking about my journey in and out of psychosis. My name is Robin Canini and I can be sent a request do you can view these poems. I am currently dealing with a Brian Spittles (Dr) who has mentioned a Lyn Mahboub. You may have heard of them. I would like to help in anyway I can. I am by no means very scholastic but have acquired certificate IV in mental health. I have recently done a dbt course which touched a lot on mindfulness. If you feel I can help in anyway please feel free to contact me. After my 30 year hour journey I have yet to be given or accept a definitive diagnosis. One question I will ask. Why do the disorders such as bpd, eupd, hpd etc include the word personality as the personality only plays a very small part. Why there can’t they be borderline disorder, histrionic disorder etc. I believe the dsm needs to be changed to reflect this. Calling someone borderline personality disorders makes the person look more unwell than they may be. My thoughts anyway.

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