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  1. Karen says:

    How do I read comments other people have written. Maybe no one has commented yet. I have heard the hype about ivermectin, but I don’t understand the mechanism by which an anti parasitic medication can treat a viral infection.

  2. Ellen says:

    Oh Dear Emma, thank you SO much for putting this out to your mailing list and inviting conversation. Due to my iatrogenic injury from psych drugs, I’ve been following this closely from the outset. I have been shocked to see most progressives completely ignoring what RFK, Jr. brought forward in this book. (I bought the book and read much of it when it was first released.) I followed Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone from early 2021 and have watched the split narrative, lack of debate, mandates and “unvaxxed” shaming for months wondering when oh when will those who lean politically as I do, pick up on what has happened, the powerful suppression of both hard data and civil rights. I’m grateful RFK, Jr. (and many others) keep ringing the bell and have hopes that TRUE scientific debate can be opened as more people become aware that Big Pharma has picked America’s pockets. As one who lives with psych drug injuries, I didn’t take the bait, and am hopeful more US citizens will at least look at the information, the data, the patents, forensics really, that prove RFK, Jr’s points in the book. Again, thank you for putting this out to your mailing list.

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