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  1. I found it interesting when you talked about the differences between spiritism and spiritualism. Recently, I started to become interested in learning about different religions and beliefs. I’m not much of a believer, but I’d like to know more about them and how they’ve helped people. I appreciate your information on how both of them are focused on how the spirit world exists.

  2. Thanks for the helpful distinction between spiritism and spiritualism! It is in line with the little I know and taught me some new things. Alan Kardec asked 1019 questions to mediums throughout Europe. Quite an interesting man. It does seem Spiritism is an offshoot of Spiritualism. It followed so soon after the Fox sisters’ experience! It must have taken off very quickly across the ocean when news didn’t travel that fast ordinarily. Or did it. So glad you didn’t disparage the Fox sisters. Theirs is a rather convoluted story, and they had a difficult life. It must have been difficult for them NOT to suffer negative effects, coming forth at that time. And so interesting that these spiritual paths (and others) arose during such a flowering of materialistic science. The spirit flows where it will, and we feel it, but know not where it is going – and certainly cannot prevent it. Thanks again. Many good regards.

    1. Trudy C Kretschmer says:


      You seem like a kind man. I once attended a Spiritualist church with my then husband. It was our first and only time. The medium/minister selected my husband as being someone with whom a spirit present wished to address. The communication was from a great uncle who had a VERY timely and pertinent message for my husband, to the point where it completely convinced him of its reality.

      I believed it also, 100% yet had no desire to continue to attend the church. The only Spirit whom I desired to have a relationship and communication was Jesus Christ. It took me many years until His Presence came into my experience one night in 1981. He absolutely was in my bedroom, He healed me utterly of a great despair and emotional depression, INSTANTLY. I have had a psychic, spiritual relationship with Him since. He functions just as He promised, as my teacher, guide and so on. I recognize that for others there may be other “gurus” from beyond the veil here. For many I know it is Yogananda. I have benefited greatly from Joel S. Goldsmith’s talks on youtube. He is definitely a good friend to me, from beyond, as he died in 1967.

      Have you found a Spiritist church near you? I find that I can no longer attend a Catholic Mass and feel aligned with the dogma there. The entire doctrine that “Father God” required a blood sacrifice to be appeased is anathema to me. The Spiritist teaching is much more in line with what Jesus revealed to me as Truth in 1981.


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