1. I believe that it was a SE that I experienced in 1979.
    As it was not recognised here in Australia, I had to endure the traumas and travails of the “psychiatric mill”… involuntary submissions to asylums… yes, they were medieval in any respects…
    I had the good fortune to meet Stanislav Grof at a workshop in Blackwood, Victoria, in 1983. He confirmed my own diagnosis! I am indebted to Stan and Christina for this revelation, and the search which has occupied my life since.
    After 35 years of being compulsorily ensnared by the “psychiatric mill”, I have emerged, enlivened, and spiritually aware… !
    My intention in the foreseeable future is to conduct a Peace Summit for the Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative… an international organisation which is contributing to the concept of world Peace. for those interested, the website is:

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