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  1. Haley Christofilis says:

    Every bit of this article resonates with what I wish I can help the world understand…
    I am 24, trying to find my way to aiding this movement away from psychiatry’s model. I have a passion to help others heal from experiences I’ve had, but was forced, in hospitals, to numb away.

    In 1 year I’ll have a Bachelors degree in International Communication, and I am unsure where to move forward to research and promote these concepts in public dialogue and communication… I would greatly appreciate being directed to someone to discuss these things with. Thank you so much.

    1. Emma Bragdon says:

      Hello Haley, You might be very interested in the movements in UK, Finland, and Brazil. Russell Razzaque, MD, is a leader in the UK. Open Dialogue is a way of working created in Finland that has great success. Brazil has Spiritist Treatments. See my book, “Kardec’s Spiritism” for more on Brazil or look at Best of luck in your journey, Emma

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