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Monterey, California

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Dida Kutz

Peer Support


(In 2023) A 67 YO CIS BIPOC female
I decided to become a spiritual emergence coach when a distressing “cracking open” of my heart occurred in early 2021 after years of meditation practice. (See The Warning Label video.) I had already had a lifetime of many anomalous occurrences (e.g., near death experience, visitations by spirits, precognition, telepathy, lucid dreaming). The “cracking open” led me to investigate the phenomenon of intense spiritual growth, eventually leading me to IMHU and a strong desire to support others going through psycho-spiritual upheavals.

Language Spoken:


Academic Qualifications

  • UCLA and San Francisco State University; Master’s level work in molecular genetics

Other Relevant Training


  • End of Life Doula, 2020, INELDA
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, 2014, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Additional Applicable Courses:

  • Multiple courses in trauma via the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine
  • MAPS Psychedelic Training (pilot program)
  • Numerous 10-week dharma courses (e.g., Zen Noting; Social Metta; Mapping Awakening and Realization Process–based on Judith Blackstone’s work)
  • Meditation Teacher, Buddhist Geeks

Offering support groups

  • See Schedule of Support Groups



Support group plan...

  •  March 2023
  •  90 minutes; 4 weeks
  • Facilitating with  Ariadne Patsiopoulos
  •  Online
  • Email contact for signup:  [email protected]

“Please contact me via my email if you'd like to connect for a complimentary 15-20-minute phone consultation, to see if we're the right fit!”

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