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  1. Willie says:

    Oh my goodness! To fully heal the psyche and the wounds associated with our journeys through childhood and the communities in which we live, the only answer I know that truly unleashes ultimate love, true healing, and responsibility for ones own happiness is an approach that embraces the idea that we are already whole, and that we are wholly capable of healthy living, inspired by our own unique way of perceiving and understanding life.

    Medication can have a useful purpose at times, along some parts of the journey; but I have found that medication is never a complete answer, and if overused, can hinder us from moving in the direction of experiencing greater and deeper love. To heal the psyche while freely inviting spirited and hearted living requires a kind of psychological housecleaninglovingly done, that opens the way for the Spirit to blow its gentle breezes every day of ones life.

  2. Cherie says:

    Sadly the article only addresses the negatives, therefore doesn’t address the title at all. Wisely, as I avoid opening things that are “against” anything. Tell me what you are FOR please!

  3. John Campbell says:

    I do not like normal psych because it focuses on what is wrong with you. To be happy and successful, you have to focus on way you do best.

  4. Donna Bunce says:

    I received a wrong diagnosis that resulted in the loss of 16 long numbing years on psy meds. No one gave me the standard battery of tests until I did–post meds! What I had was effects of preverbal child abuse, substantiated–trauma. The CNS response. Besides we all know a pill doesn’t heal problems of life. Teaching self compassion of the experience to life pot holes is the tool. Wake up world!!! Lets All Go Green!!!

  5. It’s hard to come by experienced people on this
    topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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