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  1. Nettie says:

    Emma, thanks. This is the article I’ve been waitung for in many ways.

  2. Thank you, Emma, for these wise comments – a great post-script to our SEC online meetup discussion on discernment as related to mis-leaders and deeply flawed healers.

  3. Penny says:

    Emma, It’s heartless to prey on the desperate. I too wanted to believe so bad that I sent away to Brazil for herbs when my husband was in the hospital. I feel like a sucker, duped. Never again.

  4. Julie says:

    I appreciate your article on JOG. I myself have been heartbroken to hear this news. I had a number of metaphysical experiences that occurred 8 years ago that led me to the Casa. I have been their 5x in the past 8 years. JOG and the Entities have helped many of my clients, myself and my family. I have had miraculous experiences occur in many visits. I have watched JOG for weeks on end tirelessly see people from am to night. Do I think the allegations could be true? It’s hard for me to believe but I also know the shadow side is their in all of us. As intuitive as I am this was never even a thought or feeling I had either during or after my visits. My experiences at the Casa were always profound and healing. The energy of the Casa and the dedication I observed was always beyond loving and kind. Many people dedicated decades of their lives to helping prople through the treatments offered their.
    Whatever the truth is I hold a vision of healing and compassion for all.
    I do know that many miraculous healings and spiritual developments also happened at the Casa for thousands of people. I am personally forever grateful for these gifts.

  5. Thank you Emma…. wow another one hits the dust… good for the women who came forward, from bravery to risk taking I applaud their actions… it seems to be part of the unraveling I call it.. unraveling all the things that are getting in the way as well as illegal and simply wrong… I was shocked and the realize like so many in Hollywood have come forward as well.. I hope this is an end to the dominator male complex that has ruled this earth and is destroying it as we read… another attempt in the universe to evolve and hits a wall and goes backwards and even dies off since global warming is growing at such a rapid speed that people are looking at ten years and that’s it.. what a time to get involved like 16 year old Greta who has come forward in a big way and let’s ask ourselves what do we keep hidden, what needs to be exposed and healed so we can become larger in our growing sense of bec9ming better humans no matter if we only have ten years!! And do watch the important films about Chico Xavier… they are all brilliant!!!!

  6. It is soooo difficult to separate the person from the healer/guru. Remember Gurudev from Kripalu. We all carry shadows. The challenge is to own it – not act it out. And we are all capable of duped by the promise/the hope of being healed from physical, emotional or psychic pain. And the healing does happen. I also wonder what in each of us allows us to either turn away, as Emma did, or become a victim of a perpetrator. I wish I had the answer. I do not – I wish I did

  7. Teresa says:

    All is going according to plan. GOD’’s Plan – not mine No judgement. No betrayal. No fear. This situation will resolve sooner or later. I am focused on the principles of the Casa and not the personalities Unfortunate as this situation is – many good things will come of this as bad as it all looks. I personally have been able to look at aspects of myself that I need to change. I wish all the people that have been to John of God the atonement they need to make it feel right. “Our common welfare must come first personal progress depends upon unity. “ Alcoholics Anonymous – but for the grace of God go I ????

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